According to the New York State DMV, there were over 5100 reported motorcycle accidents in 2013 (source). Driving a motorcycle includes a higher level of risk because drivers are more exposed if they get into an accident than drivers of other vehicles. Even the best bikers out there can get into serious accidents on the road—whether due to their own fault or the negligence of another driver.

In New York State, No-Fault insurance coverage DOES NOT cover motorcyclists. Unlike the driver of a regular car or vehicle, a motorcycle operator cannot rely on No-Fault insurance to cover the costs of medical treatment. Often times motorcyclists incorrectly believe that they are covered, especially if their insurance policy lists “No-Fault” as a coverage category, but any reference to No-Fault means that a pedestrian hit by a motorcyclist is covered—not the operator of the motorcycle.

If you or your loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident, it is critical that they get the medical treatment they need. GREENBERG LAW P.C. has over 25 years of experience, and has close relationships with physicians and treatment facilities across the State. GREENBERG LAW P.C. can help you get the medical attention you need, even if you do not have the insurance coverage you thought you had through No-Fault.

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