Our client, a 34-year-old New York City firefighter, who was on the job and responding to an alarm about a gas leak at a city-owned housing location, was descending a fire escape drop ladder when a corroded and rusted bolt securing the ladder to a J-hook broke away from the fire escape frame resulting in a 15-foot fall to the sidewalk below. The client sustained a crush injury to his left foot, a compression fracture to his lumbar spine with 30{af137f1675bbc2c4e98e51253ec9a172ee49f68dae0b591c10fdf3ad79b04760} loss of height in the vertebrae, and a neuropathy to his right heel. As a result of his many injuries, our client was forced to retire on disability and was unable to return to his career as a firefighter. The jury deliberated for two and a half hours resulting in a verdict of $1,989,827 in favor of our client for past and future pain and suffering.